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There are many coaches, clubs and training programs available today, so I take great pride in your choice to work with our group. While other coaches may have faster personal best times, national accolades, or corporate partnerships, I pride myself not on my own accomplishments but on carefully crafting training plans and programs to help you reach your goals.

A key to a successful training program is adaptability. While you can purchase many training plans or find generic programs easily, a static calendar hung on the refrigerator door does not respond to your questions, concerns, successes, and difficulties. Working with Endangered Endurance Running Co., provides you with opportunities for routine feedback and adjustments to your program and plan. What do I do if I get sick and miss a day or two? How do I adjust my plan if I’m feeling worn-out? When is too much, too much? These are instances where a refrigerator magnet is less than helpful, and a responsive plan is essential.

Endangered Endurance Running Co. was also designed to help give backAs runners, we enjoy the opportunity to embrace the beauty of our natural world. However, this opportunity also carries with it the disheartening knowledge of the danger our natural resources constantly face. With this in mind, Endangered Endurance donates 20% of all fees to conservation efforts around the country and world. Our logo features the iconic and endangered African Blackwood tree, Mpingo, just one of the thousands of endangered plants and animals that make our time in the wilderness such a meaningful experience.

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