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Feedback on the fly

Prior to training with Coach Chris I had completed three marathons, but my training was basically five short runs a week, a medium run and a long run.  Working with Coach Chris my workouts varied daily – timed runs, easy runs, hard runs, hills and sprints, long runs alternating with shorter runs plus the always coveted Recovery Week every fourth week!  Coach also assisted with my fueling plan and always provided feedback, especially helpful when a timed run did not live up to my expectations (“Why was I slower in week nine than week seven, I have been eating the same and feeling great!”).  Coach would remind me that was what training was for, and all the work, good and bad, was for the best race day experience.  After 18 weeks of training my fourth marathon arrived and I PR’d by one minute and forty-seven seconds!  I am now looking forward to my fifth marathon and know I will again be working with Coach Chris and would recommend his services and personal touch to all runners whether they are looking at their first half-marathon or looking for a Boston qualifying time.” 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~ Joe K., NY